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ICSC Interfaith-Multicultural Event

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Assam-O-Alikum (Peace Be on to you all) Brothers and Sisters of all faiths, our neighbours , friends, visitors in huge numbers joined to celebrate the Interfaith week and Multi-cultural event at the Islamic Centre of South Calgary - South Musallah. Everyone had a great time mingling, mixing with each other, understanding cultures that from part of fabric of Canada as Proud Canadians. Enjoyed food and information from different regions of world, dialogue on understanding Islam and Muslim Canadians. The harmony, love and solidarity that was shared has left us with superb memories and we will cherish them. We will continue to hold such events to continue to engage and crate connections that make us all stronger! We thank all who helped make this event a success and for coming over.

Prayers for Quebec Mosque victims at ICSC South Musallah

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Prayers held at ICSC South Musallah for innocent worshipers who lost their lives and and many that were injured in this inhumane act of violence. The prayers were led by Br. Sh. Fayaz MCC Imam and Chaplain at UofC, address by President ICSC Junaid Mahoon updating the community on this tragic loss, talking about who were the brothers and solidarity with the victims families, and sister Hibatalla Fadol from NCCM talking about what we can do as community and individuals and what tools are available to us to tackle these situations and otherwise.

Sirat us Saaliheen

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Second Annual Kids Talent Contest "Siraat Ussaaliheen" On Saturday Dec 9th, 2016 ICSC arranged Second Annual Kids Talent Contest, around 200 people; parents and kids from SE and SW community of Calgary. This was full of fun and talent brought in by the kids. Imam Umer Farooq, Shaukat Rahmatullah and Dr. Nazia were judges to make decision for the best performers. Two age groups from 6-10 years and 11-16 years each for boy and girls participated in four different categories; Skit (Short play), Prepared Speeches, Art contest and Quranic Dua's and virtues. Around 90 boys and girls participated in different contest. Parents, judges and ICSC leadership were there to encourage and appreciate them. Winners got Trophies, special gifts and ICSC logo pens. All participants were served with refreshments and hot tea.

Survive and Thrive

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On Sunday Dec 18, 2016, we had a successful seminar on “Strive and Thrive” in ICSC South East Musallah. The session was conducted by Lisa Mathews, FCCA, CPA, CGA, CFP, B. Comm from Chartered Professional Accountants Canada (CPA). Around 20 people participated in this well planned seminar stuffed with information and tips considering current economic downturn, potential risks and issues and how to cope with them. ICSC would be happy to provide eBook and handout from the seminar if someone wants to have. Please contact info@icsouthcalgary.com Please view some pictures from the seminar.

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Your Muslim Neighbour – Proud and Integrated, Conference May 14

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Press Release and Methodology of Results

Viraasath (Al Wasiyah / Islamic Will)

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Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh (Peace be on to you along with Mercy and Blessings of Lord Almighty!) Quotes from Hadith: "Malik related to me from Nafi‘ from ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Umar that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said: “It is the duty of a Muslim who has anything to bequeath not to let two nights pass without writing a Will about it.” (Al-Muwatta’ of Imam Malik: 37.1.1) Islamic Centre of South Calgary on Sunday 17th April held the course on Viraasath (Al Wasiyah / Islamic Will). The course was formulated and taught by Sheikh Nabil Al-Adani with detail references to Glorious Quran and Hadith (90+ references). Al-Hamdulillah the course was an overwhelming success with 100+ attending and benefitting from the very knowledgeable material, Q&A and discussions. Insha-Allah we will be working with brother Nabil to hold a next course very soon. If you missed this instance or are interested to attend next one, please keep checking our facebook and web page. Jazzak-um-Allah Khairan!

MFNS Syrian Families Welcome

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Muslim Families Network Society (MFNS) hosted a dinner event welcoming around 70 new Canadian Syrian families on Saturday 19th March. Islamic Centre of South Calgary (ICSC) as a proud partner has continued to support MFNS in this and other events. Mayor Nahid Nenshi, Deputy Chief of Calgary Police, Calgary Fire department, President and Board members of Calgary Islamic Associations and other guests were at hand to participate and welcome the families. See some pictures and later short video from Mayor Nenshi.

Siraathus Saaileheen

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